Advertising watchdog rules Candy Coat’s website ‘misrepresented’

The professional nail care and subscription box brand argued its reviews were genuine.

Nail polish brand Candy Coat has lost an ASA ruling after its self-appointed ‘five star’ rating could not be substantiated.

The British regulator found that the brand deliberately did not include negative reviews into its rating system and therefore misled customers.

In response to the complaint, the professional nail care and subscription box brand argued that the reviews with images are displayed at the top of the website and are generally positive.

According to the ASA, Candy Coat said: “The star ratings related specifically to the product on that page and the rating for one product would not affect the rating for another.

“They said that they had chosen to display reviews with images towards the top of the page and that, generally, negative reviews did not have photos, so were more likely to be displayed towards the bottom of the page.

The advertising watchdog said: “Candy Coat said that both positive and negative reviews were featured across the website and that the star rating was a true reflection of their customers’ experiences.

“However, they did not provide any data showing how they had calculated the aggregate star rating for the advertised product nor documentary evidence to show that the reviews or scores which accompanied it on the page were genuine, such as comprehensive list of all reviews considered.”

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