About Us

Allison heads our diverse highly skilled professional team which is dedicated to bringing you the most scientifically rigorous and professional services available today.

Allison completed her MSc with Distinction in Experimental Therapeutics, Clinical Pharmacology, Medical Sciences Division, at the University of Oxford with Distinction.

After completing her undergraduate degree at Brown University, magna cum laude, Allison moved to London 32 years ago. In 2005 Allison decided to devote more time to investigating botanical actives and embarked on several expeditions, studying with professors, botanists and dermatologists throughout Europe. Moving out of London to Oxfordshire prompted a major focus on research and development into multi-molecular antimicrobials derived from plant extracts.


brown-edu-smA member of the British Pharmacological Society, Allison is also an active member (grade A) of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists (SCS) and has been instrumental for a number of years in the development of natural progressive bioactives in a variety of applications.