Clinical Diagnostic Test Services

For clinical laboratory diagnostic services, we use HCA Laboratories and The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) in London.  TDL provide the active B12 test developed by Axis-Shield.

For the urinary methylmalonic acid test (uMMA) we send the sample via Fedex to Dr. Eric Norman’s laboratory in Cincinnati, OH, USA.  Dr. Norman, in our experience, provides the best service for this test, however this necessitates the cost of Fedex.  However, since the uMMA test with HCA is £245 (the most expensive test by far of all the standard B12 tests), it is still more affordable sending the uMMA samples to the USA including the cost of Fedex and Dr. Norman’s charge.

We can draw bloods but since they have to physically get to the London laboratories the same day, this means that you need to be close enough to make this possible.  The EDTA Vacutainer for the homocysteine test (for HCA) needs to be centrifuged immediately before it is sent to the lab and it must arrive within three hours.  Logistically this can be a problem unless you live in London.  For London residents, or those visiting London, we can arrange for you to visit the outpatient services which both of these laboratories offer.

We provide this service because we are committed to empowering people to be proactive with their healthcare.  If your GP denies you a test, or you wish to get a biomarker tested, we can help.  However, the laboratories charge for their diagnostic tests, and these prices are not published online, so require someone to look them up with every enquiry, and the laboratories’ prices are liable to change without notice.

TDL publish a list of their tests online. A-Z test list.