Triman labelling – France

Example of Triman logo and Info-Tri

The Triman logo is a symbol used in France to indicate that a product or its packaging is subject to sorting rules. The logo features a pictogram of a person with an outstretched arm, from which three thick arrows point in different directions. This figure represents the environmentally conscious consumer who disposes of products or packaging separately. The logo also includes a thin arrow that loops from the top to the bottom of the three thick arrows, symbolizing the recycling process and the reuse and transformation of resources.

Accompanying the Triman logo is the “info-tri,” which provides specific sorting instructions. This information is presented in the form of a bar, highlighted in colors such as yellow (for yellow garbage cans) or green (for glass), depending on the disposal method. The bar lists the individual packaging components that can be separated, each depicted by pictograms and/or text, and connected by a “+” symbol. Additionally, the info-tri bar includes a pictogram indicating the correct collection container for disposing of the packaging. Manufacturers can also provide extra information below the bar, such as encouraging consumers to separate packaging components before disposal, but this is optional

Guidelines for Triman signage for small packaging:

Packaging TypeTriman SignageInfo-Tri
Non-cylindrical/Spherical (< 10cm²)Electronic meansElectronic means (if no other documentation)
Non-cylindrical/Spherical (10cm² – 20cm²)On-packElectronic means (if no other documentation)
Cylindrical/Spherical (< 20cm²)Electronic meansElectronic means (if no other documentation)
Cylindrical/Spherical (20cm² – 40cm²)On-packElectronic means (if no other documentation)
  1. Triman Logo: Introduced in France in 2015, the Triman logo initially indicated recyclability but was redefined in 2020 under the French AGEC law. It now signifies that a product or packaging is subject to sorting rules, not necessarily that it is recyclable.
  2. Info-tri Meaning: Accompanying the Triman logo, info-tri provides sorting instructions for waste from the product. It details different sorting methods for various elements of the product and is available on the product, its packaging, or associated documents, with a centralized online availability for easier understanding.
  3. Triman Logo Usage: The Triman logo is mandatory and meaningful exclusively in France. It holds no significance outside of France.
  4. Triman Requirements Applicability: Mandatory on all household packaging in France subject to sorting instructions, except for household glass beverage packaging.
  5. Triman Symbol and Info-tri: Household packaging must feature both the Triman logo and info-tri. Exceptions exist based on packaging size and form, allowing for electronic availability of this information.
  6. Implementation Guides: Developed by packaging EPR eco-organizations CITEO and LEKO, these guides are accessible to businesses selling directly in France or through importers, who must also adhere to EPR fees and distribution compliance.
  7. Minimum Size for Triman Logo: Ademe’s guidelines state the Triman logo should not be smaller than 10mm in height for standard packaging and 6mm for compact packaging.
  8. Minimum Size for Info-tri: The size recommendations for info-tri, alongside the Triman logo, are outlined in the implementation guides by CITEO and LEKO.
  9. Logo Placement: The Triman logo must be visible on the exterior of the packaging at the point of purchase.
  10. Implementation Deadlines: The Triman logo and info-tri became mandatory in France from January 1, 2022. New packaging from September 9, 2022, must include these, but products packaged before March 9, 2023, can be sold without on-pack sorting information if produced before September 9, 2022.
  11. Post-March 2023 Market Regulations: Packaging produced before September 9, 2022, can be used post-March 9, 2023, if possessed by the packer before this date, regardless of whether it’s filled.
  12. Imported Product Deadline Compliance: The deadline applies universally, including to packaging produced outside France but imported after September 9, 2022, provided it was manufactured before this date.
  13. Triman and Info-tri for Small Products: Exemptions exist for small-sized products/packaging, with provisions for electronic availability of Triman signage and info-tri based on size and form.
  14. Applicability to Professional Products: Triman requirements are exclusive to household market products and do not apply to professional-use products.
  15. Free Samples Regulation: Triman requirements extend to all household market products, including free samples, except for household glass beverage packaging.
  16. Hotel Cosmetic Products: As products for household use, hotel toiletries fall under the Triman legislation, requiring compliance regardless of the consumption location.
  17. Peel and Read Labels: For small packaging, the Triman logo must be on the outside, but info-tri can be on documentation provided with the product. Efforts should be made to make info-tri visible on the packaging, but it can be on a peel and read label if space is limited.
  18. Digital Information Language Requirement: Digital information related to Triman and info-tri is required only in French.

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